Bank A Bank B Bank C Bank D Category
0 Venemous Devilish 1978 Bass Prolectro Bass
1 reSEMble 2600 Saw Bass Mode BlueMarvin Bass
2 Enophile Fractilize NeutralizeR Flutterby Pad
3 HoldNSolo LFO Flow LFO Mashup Ebb & Flow Pad
4 2 Much Saw SmotLead Chip Chomp Mosquito Lead
5 Warm Lead 2 MuchNoiz MoonLead Pro-D-G Lead
6 Dyna Perk Factors Venom Sync Nightly Comp
7 PPGee Simple J FM Fry DrippinOut Comp
8 LFO Freak Brothers geology Asteroids SFX
9 oh8 to oh9 FM Attack Bent oh8 plasterDRM Drum
10 10KnarzBass LFO Bass Taurean UnisonBass Bass
11 Bass JaX AutoDub DCO Bass HunterBass Bass
12 SawBass 3DBass DubStep HeavyB Bass
13 C Hard Bass phatBSTRD fake ebass KaizoBass Bass
14 TheRare SH Thick Saw Nasal Bass Hypodermic Bass
15 BigBadBob BriarPatch FurryPurry RubberBass Bass
16 Silverfish TB Shot Acid TaB Silver SQR Bass
17 Sink Bass XLR8R Bass techBass tsunamiBS Bass
18 PlanetHoov Multiplied Paper Bass Earthshake Bass
19 doombass fmfacebass Weebel Bit Acidic Bass
20 psyKnokBaS Plunky Physical bassment Bass
21 Monolith OneBig OSC WetWetBass Resorama Bass
22 Hysteria Liquid Bass Python Ceramic Bass
23 Hertz Volt Holo Base Mighty MG AnaGoodnes Bass
24 RunMeBass sawzallBS Warehouse shakespear Bass
25 Uncle AL Sine Thump DeciBass Injected Bass
26 GreyMeanie RoundSound Basilisk SH SH SH Bass
27 WormRider ModelBass SphereBass sync bass Bass
28 Big Pulse Density OBer Bass SampNgold Bass
29 WoW WoW RezSquared mOBius SQR BeThereOrB Bass
30 Ugly Mess bumBUMbump Harvested Sleepwalk Lead
31 Bit Solo Singee 5th Lead Chitlins Lead
32 Fatality Monopoly Telemetry Dirty Bird Lead
33 UltraNasty NastyLead Fizzy Lead doLEADnar Lead
34 Voll Fuzz Straight Blister StrangLead Lead
35 FiniteElem Atari Coiled Dance SQ Lead
36 agttht RiffLead Amphibians FunToPlay Lead
37 8BIT Tremo Sillelead eQuations IsIt Sync? Lead
38 Glass Harp thUUwaRp squalkbox Prog-Prog Lead
39 HalfWatt Twinkler thirds TheClassic Lead
40 Pomp Lead PsychoCity Bliss Bell Raw Square Lead
41 Noise Lead Tinker BluesHarp Weenerdog Lead
42 Picardy Reso BITz Tuvan Lead Bit Lead Lead
43 Ralk Lead M-saw Lead nice hat HomeNest Lead
44 NRVusSAWz Nu Form Psaltery Kheon Lead
45 Whistler VintageSaw Thlead RingLead Lead
46 feedback UniBombR WakaJawaka Woop Lead
47 Bumble B BrainLaser Cassini rightring Lead
48 Rusty Lead Weerd Sync Game Over uglymother Lead
49 Thin Line AttackLead Mondo Rave Lead
50 anGlzWingz distlulaby Dilate SouperSaw Comp
51 Reso Perk AM Bell ghostbell glasstear Comp
52 SyncReleas Newts Viridis Fossa Comp
53 TurnItOn Dyno Sync Paisley ClaveKey Comp
54 accension Nocturnal MK Venom Organ MW Comp
55 fmgrit Paris Planets JX Sqr Seq Comp
56 Wonderous Wurlesque DreamBells mallets Comp
57 NervouseBee Disintegr8 ourMlhrpsi dreamer Comp
58 Jalisco FiltR Clav softHammer TremoClav Comp
59 FerisWheel SDivisions Dirty Sink Confusist Comp
60 Catbox AnalogSeq Drawbs Patter Comp
61 ClassicV morphclav Malletica RunnyNose Comp
62 Bryt Bits fake FM N-Sonic BurninUp Comp
63 GlassPiano Vibe-R-8 fat horns SpiritBowl Comp
64 EuroRacked Plinky Stucco Banned Joe Comp
65 Waveshaper Polystab PingSeq prettykeys Comp
66 Tesla Clav Grinder detuneClav tense Comp
67 Ultra Bell Plucky One Squishy Hypoxia Comp
68 Mortality Far Away ChnReactn 55gallons Comp
69 Ana Piano Big Profit Pianica Suitcase Comp
70 Grain Pad Mysterio LineOSight Sweeper Pad
71 MaudDib TimeLess grime pad Bit Bed Pad
72 Big Sweep bwahahaha SawPad Nice+Wide Pad
73 Quickening Ecosystems Territory Lethargy Pad
74 70sStrings hi sweep MorningFog Pulsations Pad
75 Werkstate Nayarit Salamander RingWorlds Pad
76 Reversed Racers Old Times DOSBassPad Pad
77 Spiralis Sonora Membranes Mythic Pad
78 breakuppad Feed Me Slate Fuzzy Tail Pad
79 S&H Bed Inventions LifeCycles AdaptEvolv Pad
80 Gentleman Trigger Score Pad Amber Pad
81 Currents Power Saw Lineages Floodplain Pad
82 Spacey ThruThEthr Startup LFO Games Pad
83 Sprinkler Coma Dissolver Copperhead Pad
84 mellowtorn Vittles Sea Chelss AliasPad Pad
85 Shivers Reactivate Molecules Oceania Pad
86 Glassical Octavide Spookier Jade Pad
87 Oxidizers Tremo Pad Neurotoxin Sidewinder Pad
88 SoftSquare LFO Soup B O C Pad S+H World Pad
89 Cnidaria Serum Oblique Specimens Pad
90 dialTune cutABitRug PowerTools INSECTS SFX
91 Klangons Destructor chimeTimes Percolate SFX
92 Gong Show merganzer Concentr8 whipper SFX
93 Shattered FMEels robopop robofunk SFX
94 abbynormal 8BIT Alarm Converge ErrorThis SFX
95 Insectoid Randomly Gyrations Modders SFX
96 swallow The Whoosh SheprdTone TileFX SFX
97 TimeStop Theatrical Unknown Driftage SFX
98 WorldsEnd Poor Me bentbroke EndOfSideB SFX
99 Skreps MoonRabbit dirtmod GhostYards SFX
100 Starzzy Rotorvate grainnoise Sandworm SFX
101 LFO DNA DiodeDrops Spasms PlasmaDriv SFX
102 TransMissn Bouncer submerged SeaWolf SFX
103 Teletubby Tricorder worstsiren TunedIn SFX
104 Jellyfish Baloon Cartoons Vacuous SFX
105 Spectre conVers8n ERROR? Wobbletron SFX
106 Gibberish Chopper spAceMouNt Droplets SFX
107 I Feel NZ CrispyTop Internot disorientd SFX
108 PrimoTech GrozenGras Descendnt SlayDay SFX
109 Werms Critters Flux U Ate Organisms SFX
110 HalluciKit CH2SingKit Assault808 FRIED FM Drumkit
111 Glostix ROMcheck Toi Kit VeloDistor Drumkit
112 BoomSlang MondoDrum 1 Terror Kit Lizard Kit Drumkit
113 PunchDrunk Sewer Drum Bonebreak Slappy Kit Drumkit
114 Downgrade Bite Kit MondoDrum2 Warblekit Drumkit
115 KITChen DelayReact FactoryDRM Apocalypse Drumkit
116 DeadlyToad SyncFM Kit PercolateD alienated Drumkit
117 Attack 9 Straight 8 Straight FM bendybones Drumkit
118 Attack 55 Strict 9 Straight 55 Attack 8 Drumkit
119 Corruptor Chameleon RingModKit Morph Kit Drumkit
120 MicToComp InstToComp AuxToComp Mic To LPF Utility
121 MicToWah InstToWah AuxToWah Mic To HPF Utility
122 MicToDist InstToDist AucToDist InstToLPF Utility
123 MicToBit InstToBit AuxToBit InstToHPF Utility
124 MicToDeci InstToDeci AuxToDeci AuxToLPF Utility
125 MicToDelay InstToDelay AuxToDelay AuxToHPF Utility
126 Mic Input AuxL Input AuxLR Input USB To LPF Utility
127 Inst Input AuxR Input INIT USB To HPF Utility