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    Let’s see some pics of your home studio!

    (Sadly, this photo was taken before my acquisition of the Venom…)

    • Roland Boutique JP-08
    • Behringer Neutron
    • Behringer Model D
    • Korg MS-20 Mini
    • Arturia SparkLE
    • IK MultiMedia UnoSynth
    • Arturia BeatStep Pro
    • Arturia BrumBrute Impact
    • Arturia MicroBrute
    • Native Instruments Maschine
    • Arturia MiniLab
    • Akai Rhythm Wolf
    • Korg Volcas (Beats, Bass, Keys, Sample, Kick, FM)
    • Korg Triton Extreme
    • M-Audio Axiom 25
    • Arturia Keylab 49
    • Yamaha DX7s
    • Casio CZ-101
    • Several Behringer and Boss guitar pedals/FX
    Jan Bote

    My Studio grew out of cheap defective gear, most of it luckily repaired by myself.

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    • Crumar DS2
    • Casio CZ1
    • Yamaha DX7IIFD
    • Waldorf Blofeld Rack
    • Korg Triton Classic
    • Novation K-Station
    • Boss Dr880
    • M-Audio Venom – still grey

    • Yamaha SY22
    • Akai AX80 Eprom upgraded
    • Roland JP8000
    • Casio XWG1
    • Roland Juno G
    • Roland D2
    • Access Virus Indigo
    • Generalmusic Equinox61
    • Korg Microkorg
    • Korg Micro X
    • Korg Prophecy
    • Waldorf Blofeld Keys
    • M-Audio Venom – Black Layout
    • Alesis Micron
    • Fx, Samplers and others in Rack


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    Beautiful studio, Jan! Must be a great place to work!

    Jan Bote

    Thanks Todd, yes i like it very much but sometimes you get lost in gear connecting/ repairing/ exploring and leave focus on creating music. But on the other hand it’s something i like, too. And i can’t resist when i find something like my second venom ( never thought to buy two) which someone put badly together (why ever?) and only cut a flat cable (easy and cheap to repair)!

    So getting cheap gear is a blessing and a curse at once ;o)

    Jan Bote

    This is my black labeled Venom instead grey on grey. No need to use flashlights anymore. Next time i’m thinking of using a luminous film instead of white, for glowing in the dark ;o)

    Todd Griffith

    That looks great! Did you make those overlays yourself?

    Jan Bote

    Yes, i’ve programmed it by myself. I’m working with Acryl/plastics for fairs, medical technic and Industrie and we do digital prints too. I’ve posted this layout at the avid community (https://c.getsatisfaction.com/m-audio/categories/m-audio_venom ) a year ago, where Chris Wright found it and told me about the facebook venom fanpage.

    Everyone wrote how bad the grey on grey venom frontpanel layout was readable, but no one changed it exept me. My intention was to show what’s possible and of course share this layout.





    This is my little bedroom studio (as opposed to the living room, a friend’s basement, and the band’s practice space; i personally can’t stand to bother with software and much prefer hardware).

    Gear included in these pics:
    Akai Rhythm Wolf, Alesis Fusion 8HD, Arturia MicroBrute, Roland JV-1010, E-Mu MP-7, xylophone, mark tree, Wuhan China cymbal, Casio LD-50, all of the Korg Electribes (OG), KAT percussion pad, cigar box guitars, dulcimer, Novation MiniNova, Roland Juno-DS88, Korg KARMA, Yamaha DJX, Yamaha SK-20, Zoom HD16CD, Zoom MRS-1608, Roland EF-303, Roland MC-303, Akai Timbre Wolf, Korg Volca FM & Keys, Line6 DL4, TC Helicon Harmony-M, Korg KAOSS Pad, E-Mu Proteus 1, Alesis MIDIVerb III, RedSound Dark Star XP2, Ensoniq TS-12, Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus, Roland DR-202, Arturia KeyStep, BOSS SP-202 (or 303?), GeneralMusic Equinox, M-Audio Venom — and anything i might’ve forgotten.


    That is awesome! You know, I know the Rhythm Wolf gets a lot of flack, but I personally rather like it (the drums, not the synth). Just so easy to program, and has a certain … “sound…” difficult to describe.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jan Bote

    Hey that looks really impressive, too. I like the DJX very much. Some say cheap keyboard toy, but it has really cool and useful drumsets. I’ve made a cubase script to get midi access easier to the sound banks.

    And a cool cat, looks like you want to rule the world! Huahahaha ;o)


    Yeah, i like the Rhythm Wolf (drum machine) too, Todd.  Got an Arturia Drumbrute (original version) recently and it struck me how it was kind of like the ‘Wolf on steroids or something…

    Yeah, i put my Timbre Wolf back in the closet.   Could be good for someone else who’s just starting out maybe, but just not right for me at the moment.


    Yeah, i have much love for the DJX as well, Jan!  Great drums inside, for sure.  If you had ever shared it online i probably have your Cubase script stored in a folder somewhere — i’m always tucking aways things i find around the interwebs that might be relevant to my gear someday.  🙂

    I used the DJX as the top tier in a rig when i toured with a metal band from 2000 ~ 2004 (and an Ensoniq EPS w/ SCSI’d hard drive on the bottom tier).  Patch #125 was used mostly; it’s called “Strings” but is like your classic synth-string pad.   Even used the so-so vocal sound in it (#208), but only for single notes and only when doubled by my other hand on the EPS with a Korg DSS-1 vocal sample (that was in turn sampled from a Fairlight CMI i believe.   That Fairlight “Arr1” patch has sure gone around the world and back!)



    Always wanted the original DrumBrute, but never could seem to cough up the cash for it. Glad they came out with a cheaper version.

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