Now THIS is truly EPIC!

User thefuze from Germany has turned us on to this truly great bit of programming he’s done for the Venom for the iPad utilizing MIDI Designer Pro:

He’s offering it as a FREE download HERE. All that’s needed is MIDI Designer Pro for the iDevices, which is $24.99 US.

Pricey? Perhaps.

BUT, once you see everything this app can do (including thefuze’s layout), I think you’ll see if definitely worth it. I’ve been using it for years and have written one myself for my aging and battle-fatigued Roland MC-505. Plus they have hundreds of user-contributed layouts for other synths; it’s incredible!

Another option for MIDI Designer Pro is this: Say you’ve got some analog hardware that doesn’t accept MIDI CC (the Behringer Model D, Neutron, Korg MS-20 Mini all spring to mind…)

What I’ve done with MIDI Designer Pro is created layouts for these synths simply so that when I create a new patch I like, I set the values on screen to match and then capture it with screenshots to save the patch. (Also works well with XOX style drum beats; or, I even hook it up to my computer and launch shortcuts via QuickKeys to either BBEdit, PhotoShop, or InDesign).

Regardless, if you have it loaded on your iDevice AND have a Venom, I strongly suggest you check it out. Thanks, thefuze!

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